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Green Care in Denmark is interesting for professionals from other nations

. It’s kind of a paradox that despite the relatively small attention, Denmark is in many ways far ahead when it comes to practicing Green Care, especially when it comes to the development of social enterprises. This is despite the fact that there is no active policy or special research. I am at the end of April hosted for a tour of a group of Green Care entrepreneurs wishing to visit the Danish such. We visit a number of projects with a focus on nature, agriculture and inclusion. Several sites are leaders in education and training to vulnerable groups. The group from Finland is organized by Mikkilin University who runs a Green Care project where they facilitate counseling and development for future entrepreneurs. It may be farmers, social institutions, tourism enterprises and other operating in nature.

In Denmark we have a strong culture in the area. Coupled with leading educational programs in health, education, nature and agriculture, we have good cards to become a leader. It might be interesting to follow the development that are to come, if we invest in knowledge and research on Green Care in the future .

Link here Plan of excursion april13

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